OUT NOW : CONSUME "s/t" LP + t-shirts, backpatches and zipped hoodies

IS 076 CONSUME "s/t" LP : Seattles´ finest highoctane hardcore / crust. Ex members of Shitlist, Disrupt, State of Fear, Decrepit... Compilation of songs from s/t 7EP, splits w/Hellshock and Resolve, Forked Tongue 7”EP plus one compilation track. 18 songs and 42 mins in total. Recorded as one session in 2003. Nice cover + inner sleeve + poster. MP3

CONSUME "Rubbish Heaps Turn To Mountains..." t-shirt : new Consume t-shirts just available in S, M, L, XL and XXL size. There are also elastic girlie t-shirts in M and L and several nice zipped hoodies in M size + backpatches. White + grey/silver print on blask t-shirt.

MALIGNANT TUMOUR / GURKHA split finally also available on tape :
mix of crust, old classic metal and rocknroll from Czech hellgate called Ostrava. GURKHA - crusty metal punk with thrash guitar and thick vocals from UK´s Bristol. Tape version also contains bonus track available on
CD. MP3 a MP3

SEE YOU IN HELL - info about prepared second fulllenght and brazilian tour

See You In Hell is going to well-tried Sopa studio in late April to record second full lenght album called "Attack" which contains 8 songs and will be released in cooperation between Insane Society and Phobia records. Vinyl version is planned for June / July. CD will follow later - probably in late August / September. There will be also limited 100 copies edition of both formats with printed cloth cover and bonus 3 hours DVD recorded during japan tour.

SEE YOU IN HELL Brazil tour - October 2007

Oct 10th Paranaguá (+ RATTUS)
Oct 11th Porto Alegre (+ RATTUS)
Oct 12th Guaramirim (+ RATTUS)
Oct 13th Curitiba (+ RATTUS)
Oct 14th Londrina (+ RATTUS)
Oct 16th Campo Grande
Oct 18th Brasília
Oct 20th Săo Paulo
Oct 21st Rio de Janeiro


AFTERBIRTH "Your God´s Vomits in Disgust" LP + tour

D-beat crustcore ze scottish Edinburgh after split 7"EP and demos finally release debut album which contains eight songs of raw crust inspirated by dark hardcore and old UK stenchcore school. Ex members of Sawn Off, Beergut 100, Social Insecurity etc. Out in April. MP3 a MP3

AFTERBIRTH "Your God´s Vomits in Disgust" touring Czech, Slovakia and Austria

Sa 05.5. Kladno (CZ)
- Krušovický sklípek + Jonestown
Su 06.5. Praha (CZ)
- 007 + Warcry (USA)
Mo 07.5. Brno (CZ)
- Yacht + Gasmask Terror (Fra) + Needful Things atd
Tue 08.5. Slavonice - rehearsal room
Wed 09.5. Linz (A)
- Ann And Pat club + Labora 21
Thu 10.5. Vienna (A)
EKH + Christ on Parade (USA)
Sa 12.5. Pardubice (CZ)
- Obscene Society fest + DISFEAR (Swe) and many more...

ARTIMUS PYLE "Today is the end of your way" 7"EP in prepare :

Insane Society and Too Circle records (Tokyo/Japan) going to release 7"EP of this great dark hardcore band from San Francisco / USA. The band released two LPs on Prank and some other killer seveninches. 7"EP contains 4 songs recorded in famous Our House studio in March 2006 during their Japan tour. Expect explosive hardcore in the spirit of His Hero Is Gone and in the last song there are some screamed vocals by singer of legendary japanese Crow.

WARCOLLAPSE - repress of "From Absolute Indoctrination to Complete Massgenocide" and "Divine Intoxication" tapes

Both tapes of great swedish crust are after several years again available. If you are looking for original records and don´t have enough luck this is good chance to listen this cool band.


OBSCENE SOCIETY festival 2007 -brand new info about traditional festival

Traditional festival - this time to celebrate 12 years of existence Insane Society and Obscene productions labels. Friday 11th May and Saturday 12th May Pardubice city - club Zluty Pes.

Friday 11.5. start 20 h


extreme hardcore/grind
grindcore bulldozer
brutal death metal
metal crust´n´roll

Saturday 12.5. od 17 h

d-beat raw punk
epileptic fast hardcore
extreme hardcore/grind
kamikaze hardcore/punk
power gride core
nihil metal
dark hardcore harcore
mincing grind
dark hardcore/crust

More info about bands, MP3, maps, accommodation etc soon at :

GUIDED CRADLE tape is out now in cooperation between Insane Society and Gasmask factory.

Killer band based in Prague with two members that have roots in Portland/Scotland and Indiana and two Czechs... Rough d-beat crustcore with metal sound, mix of classic scandinavian school and UK crust/metal bands of eighties. Tape contains 8 songs played with absolute exactness and easiness with bulldozer sound from Professional Sound studio. There are ex members of Dread 101, Oi Polloi, The K10 Prospect and V.I.R. MP3


THEMA ELEVEN "The Great Misanthrope" CD and UK tour

The new THEMA ELEVEN album is being released within two weeks. It's title is "The Great Misanthrope" and Alex Newport (member of Fudge Tunnel, Nailbomb, worked w/At the drive-in, Sepultura, Melvins, The Mars Volta, Kylesa, The Locust) took charge of the mix. The result is above all expectations.
8 songs within duration of 40mins (incl. an intro track) in total. Vinyl version also with a limited edition will be released in summer. The Tempest MP3

THEMA ELEVEN "The Great Misanthrope" England / Scotland tour

118.4. London - squat at Ben Johson rad, Stepney green E1
19.4. Bristol - Junction, Stokes croft
20.4. Boston - Indian Queen, 4 Dolphin lane
21.4. Stoke on Trent - Toilets - Hill st
22.4. Leeds - basement of house
23.4. Sheffield - Crikets' arms, Bramal lane
24.4. Newcastle - Chilingham arms, 89-91 Chilingham road
25.4. Edinburgh - the Subway, Cowgate
26.4. Aberdeen - East Neuk, 132 King st.
27.4. Dundee - Droughty neebors, Johnston st.
28.4. Glasgow - O'Henrys, Drury st.

info :

OK it had to come one day - sellout of records, tapes, and CDs for funny prices. Many good recordings which got lost / forgotten in thousands of titles released every year + several records available only in one copy. Check actual info at this link.


GRIDE / LYCANTHROPHY split 7"EP is out now. New GRIDE t-shirts and 10 years of band celebration.

Two of the best Czech extreme hardcore met on this piece of plastic. First Gride recording in new lineup and five extreme hardcore / thrash songs, mix of ultra fast and technical parts with many changes and stop and go blasts. Lycanthrophy coming with brand new matterial and serve six extreme hardcore / grindcore shots with aggressive female vocals. Short, fast and Loud! There is limited edition in prepare - probably out for 10 years of Gride festival. MP3 a MP3

NEW GRIDE T-SHIRTS - new t-shirts are available. Classic t-shirts, longsleeves and elastic girlies. There are also few zipped hoodies on the way so be fast. First come first serve. If you are bored to death by black t-shirts take note that blue ones were printed as well. For all true old school metalheads there are backpatches. .


MALIGNANT TUMOUR / GURKHA split CD, new guitarist and UK tour - England, Scotland and Ireland dates.

MALIGNANT TUMOUR / GURKHA split CD release date is 1st September. CD contains 6 new songs from Malignant + bonus songs from studio session recorded for split seveninch with Lycanthrophy. New matterial continues to BURNINHELL album - mix of crust, old metal and rock´n ´roll. MT MP3

is crusty metal punk with thrash guitar and angry shouted vocals (think Gism) from Bristol / UK. Fast, angry music with aggressive sound recorded in 1 in 12 studio by Bri from Doom. Let´s try one Gurkha song : MP3

NEW MALIGNANT TUMOUR GUITARIST - malignant extended their line up to quartet and second guitar weapon is serviced by Mr. Korál so since 1st Sepetember expect one more person on stage.


06.09.2006 – Bristol (ENG) Junction
07.09.2006 – Dublin (IRE) Lower Deck + COLDWAR
08.09.2006 – Galway (IRE) Sally Long´s + COLDWAR
09.09.2006 – Belfast (IRE) Katie Daly´s + COLDWAR
10.09.2006 – Edinburgh (SCO) The Cannons Gait + support
11.09.2006 – Aberdeen (SCO) East Neuk + FILTHPACT
12.09.2006 – Elgin (SCO) Ocean club + FILTHPACT
13.09.2006 – Leeds (ENG) Fenton hotel + support
14.09.2006 – Nottingham (ENG) Old Angel + support
15.09.2006 – London (ENG) T.B.C. + support



MAILORDER for 2006/2007 - there is new catalogue for next 12 months available. You can take for free on shows or just send one Euro, USD or IMO for postage. Working on onlive version but it going pretty slow. By the way - catalogue is printed just once in year and there are many records coming to distro every few days so please check NEW ARRIVALS section in DISTRO for latest offer.

EXTREME NOISE TERROR and SKITSYSTEM T-SHIRTS - official (with agreement of the bands) ENT and SKITSYSTEM t-shirts in size S, M, L, XL a few copies in XXL. There are classical t-shirts, longsleeves and elastic girlies available.

Extreme Noise Terror - Antifest ´06


One of the best Czech extreme hardcore bands celebrate 10 years of their existence on this show. There is special set in prepare - many never played cover songs, old members and many more surprises. Old hits which nobody knows, faces which nobody remember or you just forgot them. Speed is going to be deadly and setting murderous !!!!

Other bands playing : Ingrowing, Ucházím, Malignant Tumour, Moonshine Night, See You In Hell, Mr. Thomas and the Stroj, Lahar, Lycanthrophy.

Rechle area is old camp in the wood near Prachatice. Sorry but there is no bus or train connection. Easiest way is to get to OSEKY village and then follow narrow lane to Rechle area.


SYIH are preparing to play balkan minitour in November : there are first fixed dates :

16. 11. Croatia - Zagreb
17. 11. Serbia - Beograd
18. 11. Rumunia - Timisoara

See You In Hell + Mie city punx

Try to check SYIH web for around hundread pictures from their japanese tour. There are plenty more exclusive pics and huge tour report for new issue of Hluboka Orba zine - out Autumn 2006. For English translation check new Profane Existence zine.



NEW MALIGNANT TUMOUR T-SHIRTS with occult design inspirated by song Obsessed By Hell

New Malignant Tumour t-shirts available soon. If you are interested contact me as soon as possible cause since 25.4. to 12.5. I´m on the road with See You In Hell. You can choose between classic t-shirts, longsleevesm, and girlies. Price about 9 Euro cause of fullcolour print. Bigger preview here.

You can download these new MT crap on their web : Clearance of Century videoclip, preview to their performance in metal magazine Madhouse and whole record of Madhouse.


OBSCENE SOCIETY festival 2006 - 11th anniversary of labels Obscene productions and Insane Society records

In order 6th Obscene Society festival take place 13.5. from 17 h. Place is also traditional - PARDUBICE - club Zluty Pes. Doors : 200,- CZK

– turbo speed violence, Germany
FLESHLESS – brutal melodic death
LAHAR - extreme hardcore
INGROWING - grindcore
KOBRA 11 - extreme hardcore / grind
N.C.C. - nasa science grind
THEMA 11 - dark hardcore / dirty emo
ISACAARUM – nihil metal
FESTA DESPERATO - d-beat hc/punk
JIG-AI – gore grind

There is also special webpage with more info about bands, MP3 etc.

Second SEE YOU IN HELL album out in Winter on Insane Society / Phobia records.

OK in last few days we cooked "contact" to second See You In Hell album, which will be recorded on Autumn in well - tested SOPA studio. Vinyl version should be out in Winter - probably ready for Killed By Brno festival. CD and tape version will follow. All in cooperation with Phobia records.


INSANE SOCIETY is closed for a while - since 25.4. to 12.5. leaving for japan tour with SEE YOU IN HELL

If you think to order some goodies from Insane Society distro please be as fast as possible cause just before leaving will be in a hurry and after comeback some rest will be needed haha.

GUIDED CRADLE european tour + new split seveninch with INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL

Guided Cradle leaving 27.4. for european tour which contains 9 countries and 17 gigs. Yellow Dog records release split 7"EP GUIDED CRADLE / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL just ready for tour. You can download one song on Guided Cradle web. Reprint of t-shirts with LP/CD design is on the way as well.

COMA CD - digital version of vinyl is finally out!!! Tape in prepare...

Just got Coma CDs and must say that they look really good. CD contains also bonus songs from split 7"EP with Autoritär and video from Obscene Extreme festival. All together 19 songs of pure scandinavian crustcore.


GRIDE - news around planned split 7" with LYCANTHROPHY and 10 years of GRIDE festival.

Gride last week recorded matterial for prepared split seveninch with Lycanthrophy. Their side contains 5 shots in 6.5 mins and songs like In the cunt of Virgin Marry, Hatred, Act as if nothing has happened, Greyhound racing, and Gride. Matterial is killer and if you are curious and can´t wait to half July, when is release date download Greyhound racing. Also limited edition is planned - 66 numbered copies with special cover design.

There is 10 years of Gride festival planned for last weekend in August - near their home town Prachatice and some more bands will congratulate - SEE YOU IN HELL, INGROWING, LYCANTHROPHY, LAHAR, DISFIGURED CORPSE, UCHÁZÍM, MALIGNANT TUMOUR etc. Gride going to play special set with some old members, rare songs etc. Whole set will be recorded into computer and if outcome will be good enough live LP/CD on Insane Society will be pressed.

LYCANTHROPHY preparing to record their side of the split with Gride in second half of May in studio Shaark. Their matterial is called "In the trap of modern society" and will contain 7 songs of extreme hardcore / fastcore with merciless female vocals. There is European tour with South Czech tornado RABIES planned and there are split seveninches with KURSK and MECHANICAL SEPARATION (both Canada) on the way.



BENEFIT FOR JACK - stabbed singer of Severed Head Of State and World Burns To Death

Jack Control, Lead vocalist of hardcore punk bands Severed Head of State and World Burns to Death, Long time force in the Texas Punk Scene and behind Mind Control Records, was stabbed and seriously wounded in an altercation at a show in Austin, Texas on Saturday January 28th.

Jack's wounds required over three hours of surgery and he lost 4 pints of blood. Jack has stabilized and will recover, but is still in ICU at Brackenridge hospital.

Jack has no medical insurance and will face a monolithic amount of medical and legal bills, as well as missed time from work as a result of this. A pay pal account has been established at for anyone willing to donate funds to help Jack with his expenses.

Benefits are in the works and anyone wishing to organize an benefit event around the country contact Ashley at or Timmy Hefner at Immediate Pay Pal donations should be sent to Timmy's email address until Jack is out of ICU.


SEE YOU IN HELL - Japan tour 2006 + croatian and indonesian tape version of "Umet se prodat" album

SEE YOU IN HELL finally added on their web dates of their Japan tour which is prepared on the end of April / begin of May. All together 10 show with such bands like Framtid, Crow, Disclose, Asbestos, Effigy, Acrostix, SU19b, Total Noise Accord, Deep Slaughter, NK6, Dudman, Contrastic Attitude and many more.

Croatian Twisted Justice and indonesian Ibuku Diperkosa labels released tape versions of "Umet se prodat" album. Both versions availble in limited copies on the band´s contact.


GRIDE - news about split seveninch with LYCANTHROPHY and finally also Gride web pages

Recording of matterial for planned split seveninch with LYCANTHROPHY is a bit delayed. Gride had to cancel studio dates cause of drummer´s illness. They are going to studio in April so you can expect this piece of plastic in hot summer days. Gride side is located against religion fanatism. There will be also limited edition released - be prepared!

There are finally Gride web pages - check

THEMA ELEVEN - ok there is no more info so one killer Thema Eleven photo from their show with Rotten Sound, Sayyadina, Ingrowing and Needful Things. Can you believe that this is a dark emo hardcore band?


CONSUME - repress of sold out collection CD - even on LP format! New LP planned on Profane Existence

Long sold out CONSUME CD you still asking for is going to be repressed in a few months. Most of vinyls used on this collection is also sold out so even LP version is planned! Can´t wait to hold this piece of vinyl in my hands cause I really love this band! Consume just working on a new 14 song album - will be released on Profane Existence records.

If you don´t know this killer band take note that CONSUME is highoctane hardcore / crust from Seattle / USA. There are ex members of Decrepit, State of Fear, Disrupt in the band. MP3


MALIGNANT TUMOUR - attack to a top of the hitparade

Malignant Tumour

Like noncompromise attack to a top of hitparade looks happening around Malignant - they just finishing videoclip to a song Clearance of Century, which you can see in January / February together with interview with the band in metal programme on Czech satellite music TV called Ocko. Date is going to be specify soon - think it will be really funny and crazy. I´m not sure if you can check this TV in foreign countries as well so they will record it and put on MT web. New split 7"EP with UK metal / punk GURKHA is planned on Insane Society and MT is planning second tour in England/Scotland as well. There are also still available some copies of limited edition of new MT album. Actual live dates :

11.2. VYSKOV u Brna - RC B-29
17.2. PRAHA - Milada
15.4. UHERSKE HRADISTE - RC Mir - announcement of questionnaire Britva 2005
25.3. OPAVA
27.5. STUDENKA - open air
2. - 4. 6. GROSSENHAIN (GER)
- Grind the Nazi Scum festival
23. - 24.6. PEINE (GER)
- Giants of Grind festival
7. - 8.7. PACKENBUSH (GER)
- Yellow Dog festival
22.7. BRANISOVICE near Znojmo
4. - 5.8. Hradec Kralove - Antifest

IN CRUST WE TRUST column in Move Your Ass fanzin

Believe it or not but I just started to write regular column about crust bands and records for Move Your Ass fanzine, you canfind it in a new issue which is going to be printed in two weeks. Search for heading with all saying slogan In Crust We Trust. MYA is in Czech language, printed in 1500 copies and for free. MYA web here.



GUIDED CRADLE - CD version of a debut album is out now

Announced CD is just out and looks luxuriously!!! Raw
d-beat crustcore with metal sound, mix of classic scandinavian school and UK crust/metal bands of eighties. There is also tape version in prepare which is going to be released in cooperation between Insane Society and Gasmask factory. Damage Done records working on repress of LP on colour vinyl. Guitarist Ethan leaving soon to european tour with american punx Defiance as a bassplayer - so think you can buy this CD at every Defiance show - check dates here. Guided Cradle also preparing their euro tour in April / May :

27.04.06 CZ Prague
28.04.06 GER Augsburg
29.04.06 SWI Bremgarten
30.04.06 ITA Torino
01.05.06 FRA Marseille - tba
02.05.06 SPA Barcelona
03.05.06 SPA Zaragoza
04.05.06 SPA San Sebastian
05.05.06 FRA Bordeax
06.05.06 FRA Paris
07.05.06 BEL Liege - tba
08.05.06 NL Amsterdam - tba
09.05.06 GER Bremen
10.05.06 GER Hamburg
11.05.06 DK Copenhagen
12.05.06 GER Rostock
13.05.06 GER Berlin

You can download a new killer song for forthcoming split 7"EP with germen INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL on band´s web.

Guided Cradle

Many new recordings in Insane Society distro :

Working hard these days and adding many new arrivals I got since paper mailorder was printed in summer. Check very ofted uppdated New arrivals in Distribution section.

OBSCENE SOCIETY festival in May :

We finally know date for traditional Ooscene Society festival - saturday 13th May again in Padubice - Zluty Pesw club. Right now we fix some troubles with stupid club security etc. More info soon.


COMA - working on CD and tape version of record with bonus songs


Just started my job on design for CD version of COMA abum which will also contain 4 more songs from split 7"EP with Autoritär and video recorded on Obscene Extreme festival. All together 19 shots of heavy-load scandinavian crustcore. CD is going to be released with nice digipack cover. Tape will follow.... MP3 and MP3

Photo exhibition of Stanislav Smrcka + THEMA ELEVEN, RIVER FOR SALE - coffe lounge of Central art cinema in Hradec Kralove


My friend Smrcak have photo exhibition in coffee lounge of Cental art cinema in Hardec Kralove. Is is called "Pictures of stages, clubs and basements" - so you can expect many photos of hardcore shows. Come to see - the best 1st February when is opening and also THEMA ELEVEN and RIVER FOR SALE will play. Start at 18:00 a it is for free. Exhibition ends 28th of February and you can buy all the photos - like a benefit for Czechcore server.



AFTERBIRTH - news about the band and new studio matterial on the way

Scottish crust smash division AFTERBIRTH recruited second guitarist and they are going to record new matterial in studio operate in bradford´s 1 in 12 club. Bri of legendary Doom take care of sound so we can expect the best. By the way - Afterbirth is really international project : Paul - Scotland, Scalzey - England, Leos - Czech, Wojtek - Poland a Artur is from Poland as well. Check their profile on myspace. If you don´t know this great band yet you can also download MP3 from their tape released on Insane Society.


New reviews in fanzines and MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL RADIO

LP Coma got into two toptens in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL no. 271 and also in one in Heartattack no. 48. There are also some other reviews of IS releases in Heartattack 48, MRR 271, Slug And Lettece 85. Hope to later write or scan them to titles in LABEL section....

MRR Radio # 967

GUIDED CRADLE and MALIGNANT TUMOUR songs were played in broadcast of Maximum Rocknroll radio # 967 from 6.1.2006. There was also special guest Filip from See You In Hell and played Czech block with songs of :

H.N.F. - Dum Na Demolici
GRIDE - Hranice
RADEGAST - Nikomu Never

Check the MRR web pages or you can just download show and playlist directly here :


MRR Radio # 967


MALIGNANT TUMOUR - news about the band + special limited version of BURNINHELL LP just coming.

Malignant Tumour - limited edition LP






Special limited version of last Malignant album under slogan "super exclusive turbo terror edition" - instead of classic LP version in this one with black leather (vegan) jacket with white print on it. Cover is not glossy and printed on other side of paper. Inside you can find special photo with signatures of all members. 66 numbered copies only. Who first come, first serve.... Price : cause of killer price of jacket Lp costs 333 CZK or 666 hellish crowns for two copies + postage.

Malignant Tumour

Malignant just played short Czech tour with UK Bristol´s metalpunk killers destroying your ears under the name GURKHA - this band is well recommend to all GISM fans.

How it looks this brotherhood will continue - they are speaking about split seveninch and UK tour. Malignant´s web is uppdated again - you can find there more videos, interview from Radio 1, many pictures and actual live dates.


GRIDE / LYCANTHROPHY split 7"EP - more info about preparing seveninch + both band´s news

Split of two well known Czech fast hardcore bands. Gride radically changed their line up on Spring and think it works well - creative ultra fast hardcore /grind, new songs are also a bit into thrashcore as well. Lycanthrophy also changed line up and now they are more into extreme hardcore with not less extreme female vocal. New matterial of both bands will be grinded and crushed in February so you can hold this record in your hands on Spring 2006.

Gride just released split seveninch with brothers in arms LAHAR, which contains covers of south Czech bands only. Coming as a split release of a couple of Czech labels. By the way : you can look forward to new LP/CD, which is planning next year on Insane Society. My dreams come true haha.

Lahar + Gride

Lycanthrophy just played last live show for this year and have started work on matterial for split 7" with GRIDE, another split 7" and new CD which will be released in summer on Lecter Agency. They would like to tour England / Scotland on Spring as well.




DREAD 101 / V.I.R. split 7"EP - long delayed seveninch finally coming.

Dread 101

I finally got all data from both bands so after ages this release finally coming. It has taken three long years and think just a few people believed that they will ever hold this record in their hands. Out in one week - really!!! Two Dread 101 songs on first side - their last studio session (the same like on v/a Dying Alive Living Dead LP) : metallic crustcore with wail guitars, ringing bass and cannonade of drums. Killer sound from Professional Sound studio - think these songs are the best they ever recorded. Second side is occupated by their brothers V.I.R. and they serve two songs of energic crust with many melodic guitar riffs with punk feeling. There is a full allbum in prepare on Ultima Ratio records - don´t miss this one. MP3 and MP3


SEE YOU IN HELL - couple of CD versions of "Market Yourself" LP + preparing 2nd album + Japan tour

See You In Hell

There are couple of CD versions of "Market Yourself" album released : in Japan on Too Circle records, in Mexico in cooperation of Cryptas records and 3 more labels + in Spains as a cd-r on UHP records. There is also brasilian version on the way : out in February on Sick Terror bass player´s label. Band is going to tour Japan first two weeks in May and there is second planned for summer.

See You In Hell


GUIDED CRADLE - CD version of debut LP, split 7"EP and european tour

Killer band based in Prague with two members that have roots in Portland/Scotland and Indiana and two Czechs... Rough d-beat crustcore with metal sound, mix of classic scandinavian schoold and english crust/metal bands of eighties. CD contains 8 songs played with absolute exactness and easiness with bulldozer sound from Professional Sound studio. There are ex members of Dread 101, Oi Polloi, The K10 Prospect and V.I.R. Instead of LP version on Damage Done records there is a video as a bonus. Out in December. MP3

Guided Cradle

Guided Cradle also have two more songs on a compilation CD of Pargue´s bands called REFUSE / RESIST - bones of Prague. Out soon on Emergency records. Two more songs waiting for final mix - they are prepared for 7"EP with crust/grind INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL, no label known yet. Band took a break for a while cause guitarist Austin went back to USA for a few months. They are planning european tour for a spring.

Guided Cradle

THEMA ELEVEN - repress of Choose Your Beast LP, reprint of t-shirts and preparing new album

Just repressed sold out Choose Your Beast LP, there is also reprint of t-shirts with design of this album - this time white print on black t-shirt. Ther are also girlies, patches and badges available. T11 would like to visit studio in March and record new LP which will be probably on Insane Society records, may in cooperation with other labels. Also think that long time planned split 7" with GRIDE will come one time...

Thema Eleven