In prepare for year 2008 :

Great manic hardcore / thrash band from Tokyo / Japan. Fast energetic songs with choral vocals which reminds me legendary bands like Systematic Death or Gauze. Band released two seveninches, split seveninch, many songs on compilations and split LP with Mukeka Di Rato on Sound Pollution records.

Band just finished recording and start to work on mix. Cover will be drown by Fumiwo - covers for Paintbox, Deathside, Hellnation....

There will be released as LP/CD on Insane Society + South american edition on Laja records + japanese edition on Dandoh records.

Download "Roll And Survive" from previous split LP/CD.

Hellgate called Ostrava will open 8.2.2008 when Malignant Tumour will start to record third album in great Šopa studio.

As mr. Šimek said :
"All together probably 10 songs.... 6 is finished until now..... but we still work on them and make them better and better..... New album will be different from r´n´r engine.... it will be more fancy and coloured.... Taking Korál into the band was the best thing MT did in last 15 years... Beyond classic r´n´r songs there will be metal ones, fast, slow songs with ultra expensive devil guitar solos and similar delicacies...... I really expect big things from new album!!!"

LP/CD out in summer.

Download Hellgate Ostrava from second LP/CD.

Yes, new recording of the best Czech extreme hardcore / grind band and even fulllenght. Recording session is planned for May in prague´s studio Hostivar. They will record album + matterial for split 7" with Thema Eleven.

LP/CD out in summer - probably ready just before Obscene Extreme festival.

Download "V kunde panny Marie" from split 7" with Lycanthrophy.

This split is planned for ages and think nobody expected some news. But things started to move again. Gride will record their side together with new album + Thema wants to visit studio later this year. Cover design will be done by
Maxim´s Kitchen (last T11 album) and most important thing - both bands will play cover songs in their own crazy way.

Download "The Tempest" from last Thema Eleven LP/CD.

ARMAGEDOM (Brazil) “Sem esperanças” LP/CD
Brazilian hardcore legend playing since 1984 just recorded new matterial and I´m really happy to say that Insane Society will release it. Album contains 15 thrashcore songs with typical brazilian old school sound. Armagedom also planning european tour for September so don´t miss them!!!